2019 Entry Forms

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Shock wave flash game...

3D Breakout






Judging & Scoring

Judging and Scoring

This is here to help everyone understand how judging and scoring is done and the formula to work out TOP TOYOTA.


S'n'S will be judged between 3 to 6 judges in 3 categories.

Interior, Exterior and Engine Bay.

Each category will be marked out of 20 points.

The points from the 3 categories will be totalled together, giving a total score.

A ranking position will be given on your total score. Highest total points give the rank of 1.

In the event of a draw in points for a trophy, the trophy goes to the earliest model car.


The motorkhana is scored by your quickest time of two runs per course. A DNF on a course will earn you the slowest time for that course + 4 seconds.

The quickest times per course are added together to give you your total time.

A ranking position will be given on your total time. Quickest total time gives the rank of 1.


The drags are scored by the quickest run down the strip. Whether it is 1 run or 20 runs, the quickest time of the first 10 runs will determine your score.

A ranking position will be given on your quickest time. Quickest time gives the rank of 1.

At this point of time, every entrant will receive a score for every event, even if they did not enter a car.

This does sound silly, but allows the spreadsheet to work correctly. (Am working on a solution for this)

Here is what you will receive for each event not entered. It will still be impossible to win that event.

S'n'S, you will receive a score of ZERO

Motorkhana, you will receive the slowest time +4 seconds.

Drags, you will receive a time of 1000 seconds.


Your 3 rankings will be totalled together. The lowest total will be TOP TOYOTA.

In the event of a tie, TOP TOYOTA will be given to the best S'n'S score.

In the event the S'n'S score in the same, it will go to the quickest Motorkhana time.

If the Motorkhana time is also the same, it will go to the quickest drag time.